Estate Planning for Minors

Estate Planning for Minors is more important than some think.  When clients are preparing their estate plans, many have children below the age of 18, and desire to have their children take most, if not all, of their assets upon their transition.  Children are often left as the beneficiaries of life insurance policies, retirement accounts […]

Elder Law 101 for Attorneys

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Elder law attorneys provide advise and advocate for elders, their families and caregivers. Elder law attorneys have special knowledge in the practice areas and related disciplines of Estate Planning ( including special needs planning) , benefits Eligibility (including Medi-Cal eligibility), Elder Abuse (under the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act),  Conservatorship practice, Trust Administration, Family Law […]

5 Tips on Making a Will

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Determine if You Need A Will.  Most individuals and families will need some form of estate planning in place in the event of their demise. A Will is an estate planning tool that requires court supervision to administer your estate upon your demise in most circumstances – meaning your heirs or beneficiaries will usually have […]