Estate Planning for Minors

Estate Planning for Minors is more important than some think.  When clients are preparing their estate plans, many have children below the age of 18, and desire to have their children take most, if not all, of their assets upon their transition.  Children are often left as the beneficiaries of life insurance policies, retirement accounts […]

Why Should I Execute A Living Trust?

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Living trusts have been a hot topic in estate planning in recent years- and for good reason.  Living trusts make the transition of death for family members a much easier process than without one.  The primary advantage of a living trust is that property in a trust is not subject to probate. Another advantage of […]

The Probate Process Explained

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As the Baby Boomers begin to age and make their transition, many do not have a Living or Revocable Trust, thus requiring the family of the deceased to initiate Probate Proceedings.  In this article, I will discuss the basics of Probate, and the easiest way to navigate through the sometimes year long process. Before I […]

Elder Law 101 for Attorneys

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Elder law attorneys provide advise and advocate for elders, their families and caregivers. Elder law attorneys have special knowledge in the practice areas and related disciplines of Estate Planning ( including special needs planning) , benefits Eligibility (including Medi-Cal eligibility), Elder Abuse (under the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act),  Conservatorship practice, Trust Administration, Family Law […]

5 Tips on Making a Will

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Determine if You Need A Will.  Most individuals and families will need some form of estate planning in place in the event of their demise. A Will is an estate planning tool that requires court supervision to administer your estate upon your demise in most circumstances – meaning your heirs or beneficiaries will usually have […]

Advanced Health Care Directives: What Are They and Why You Need One

Accidents happen every day and families are continuously faced with making tough medical decisions on behalf of their loved ones. Most often, clients seeking to prepare an Advanced Health Care Directive wait until it is absolutely necessary, or when it is too late. An Advanced Health Care Directive is a basic estate planning tool that […]

Benefits of Executing Trusts

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Trusts are popular estate planning tools that are extremely useful in the transfer of property upon death.  Trusts can also be useful for property management during the lifetime of the settlor ( the person creating the trust). This article will discuss what revocable trusts are (irrevocable trusts are not the subject of this article), the […]

Choosing a Power of Attorney, Executor and Trustee of Your Estate

Selecting a Power of Attorney, Trustee and or Executor of your estate can be one of the most important aspects of your Estate Plan. The person you select in one of these positions will have control over your assets if you become incapacitated, and or upon your passing when your estate is distributed to your […]